There is no pressure of your water truck

Let’s find out why sometimes your water pump is without pressure.


1.  The filter of pipeline is blocked, especially after you pump the water from a pool which not as clean as city water. The filter maybe blocked by stone, plastic bag, etc. Now what’s you need to do is uninstall the filter and clean it, then the pipeline will be unobstructed.


2.  The pump impeller is out of shape, the impeller could be normal rotation, but not out of water. Then you need to change a new impeller.


3.  There maybe a water leakage of the water pump, please check the water pump carefully. The pressure will drop if the air enter into the pump.


4.  The water pump was working under the waterless situation, Please change the mechanical seal.


5.  Drive shaft power shortage, so that the pump impeller does not meet the normal working speed, increase the throttle.


To ensure the best performance of pump absorption, the following conditions must be met:


1.  Before operation of the pump, the liquid inside pump must be higher than pump shaft. So the inlet of pump must be connected to a bend tube, then connected with a horizontal tube and fast joint. The center line of joint must be 300mm higher than the pump shaft centerline.


2.  Make sure the inlet piping system without leakage.


3.  Suction head of suction pipe must be immersed in water to avoid air suction into pipe.



4.  Make sure the outlet pipeline which connect with pump is larger than 200mm, then connect with the bend pipe.


5.  There must be a filter set into the inlet three-way valve, make sure there is no impurity to damage the precision components.



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