The proper way of maintaining oil trucks paint during summer days

It is so hot in summer, as a good money earning machine, oil trucks are stilling running on the road. These oil trucks will feel hot and suffered just like human, many parts will go aged if no proper sun screen maintenance is done.
Now , move on! To those truck lover, give your truck overall sun protection maintenance.
The painting exposed in the sun will lose oil and become faint as the time goes, four steps could be followed.
The process of torrid adhesion. While running on the asphalt road, the melted asphalt will splash onto the surface of truck painting. If no process is done, asphalt will be dry and corrode the painting which may cause painting peeling and falling off. Choose special tar and asphalt remover which can remove the tar, asphalt, resin quickly because of gentle and neutral nature.
Polishing and retrofitting mobile fuel trucks painting. The painting exposed in the sun will lose oil and become faint as the time goes. Oily polish retrofit products should be chosen.
Sealing glair on the oil trucks painting. While choosing glair, choose those real one. Paint surface sealing glair is a way to form a layer of lucid hard film on the paint through professional methods to help improve paint firmness, so that chance of appearing scuffing is slim which can last half a year. Some people like to seal three layers of glair one time.
Wax the paint of oil trucks. The function of wax is to add loosed oil onto paint to improve lightness. On the other hand,  the wax can help paint against sand storm,uv light, harmful gas and acid rain.
In order to make oil truck work better, please keep your truck well.


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