The maintenance of fire monitor for foam fire truck

The foam fire truck is a necessary fire equipment for petroleum, chemical, industrial and mining enterprises. Foam fire truck also has the fuction of water fire truck, so it’s importment for each fire commander to use fire fighting truck correctly. Foam fire vehicle is equiped with: fire pumps, water tanks, foam mixing system, foam fire monitor, guns and other fire fighting equipments.


The emergency fire truck have to maintain before and after the use, Here is a brief introduction to the fire monitor maintenance:


1.  After the use of fire monitor, please discharge all the water, wipe with a rag, And then coated with grease to prevent corrosion.

2.  Fill grease on fire monitor’s rotary mechanism in every three months.

3.  Inspect the sealing ring regular, repalce it if damaged.

4.  All the ball valves should be fully opend when use the foam truck.



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