How to choose a pump for tank truck

The vacuum pump is very importment for fuel tanker tuck and water tanker truck. A good vacuum pump can be reduced a large expend on the maintenance costs of oil tankers and sprinkler. Let’s see how to choose a vacuum pump:


1.  Correct combination of the oil tank truck or water truck’s pumps. Due to the different purpose of vacuum, sometimes one pump can not meet all the requirements. For example, some pumps can not work under the pressure, some pumps need a backing pump. Then we have to combine several pumps to work together.


2.  Due to the effect of oil vapor on the environment from the oil tanker and sprinkler, we could choose oilless vacuum pump. If the process is not allowed, we should use no vibration pump or take measures to prevent vibration.


3.  Please choose a right running pressure for the vacuum pump, each pump has it own pressure range. The diffusion pump’s pressure is 100~10-7mmHg, the stable working pressure range is 5x10-4~5x10-6mmHg. So, we need to set a right pressure for the pump, and not allowed it working a long time under the pressure of 10-8mmHg.


4.  All the gas which produced by the vacuum equipment of the fuel truck and water truck could come into the vacuum pump.


5.  It’s better to choose an oilless pump for the oil truck or water bowser, such as: waterless ring pump, sieve sorption pump, sputter ion pump, cryogenic pump etc. IF not strict, you could choose an oil pump, and do some measures to prevent oil pollution.


6.  We need to know the choose of vacuum pump is depend on the gas composition, Choose the corresponding pump for oil tanker or water vehicle.



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