FAW & Allison released a new generation of automatic gearbox fire truck

In recent years, FAW Group cooperate with Allison Transmission company to expand the field of Fire Truck. In the 14th International Fire Equipment Exhibition, both these two companies are showing their products for the fire rescue industry in their booth.





In Allison’s booth, Allison have displayed a 3000 series automatic gearbox for fire fighting trucks. Meanwhile, Allison also display a FAW automatic gearbox fire vehicle chassis (FAW CA1160P19K2L3E 4*2). FAW Group have displayed 3 types fire truck: City Fire Fighter Truck, Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck and rescue vehicle total 5 units. And all of these fire trucks adopt Allison’s automatic gearbox. There is also a 3000 series automatic gearbox have been displayed in a prominent position, attracted the attention.




With more than fifty years of service in the fire rescue industry experience, Alison automatic transmission has enjoyed a high reputation in the global fire truck market. Almost all the airport fire tenders, city fire trucks and rescue vehicles are equipped with Allison automatic gearbox in America. Firefighter also uses a lot of Allison gearbox in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the Middle East.


As an important tool for the protection of people's lives and property, fire vehicles are required to have excellent acceleration, precision control, high security and reliability. Due to the unique design, excellent performance and quality, the gearboxes which produced by Allison are exceed these strict requirements. According to FAW introduction, the city fire fighter vehicle which equiped with Allison’s gearbox could speed from 0 to 60 km only takes 16 seconds, won the precious time to get to the accident. The torque converter in gearbox could ensure the engine power can be continuously transmitted to the rear axle. The automatic gearbox can also automatically control the breaking shaft to simplify the operation steps of the water spray.



FAW Group have been guided by the strategic vision high-level, to design and produce the world's first-class level of fire truck chassis. After full investigation, selection and demonstration, FAW chose Allison as the fire truck gearbox supplier. In this recent year, the two sides have comprehensive and close cooperation in the technology, market and sales, Makes the FAW fire truck chassis to achieve the advanced level in domestic and international. In this international fire equipment exhibition, Allison transmission company vice president Michael Headly said: "with unparalleled product quality, reliability, durability and customer service, we become important partners for the FAW, provide the most advanced transmission technology for commercial vehicle market in China."




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